Clear Dollar Stamps – Release Day Dec 15th!

Hey Everyone, I know I am a day late. Here is my card for the release for Clear Dollar Stamps! Enjoy! Check out for all the other new release stamps!



14 responses to “Clear Dollar Stamps – Release Day Dec 15th!

  1. What a great card for anyone who has a birthday this time of year! I love a way to stretch the use of snowman images for something other than Christmas!

  2. this is a great card 🙂 I stumbled on here looking for the blog-hop, but I dont think its been posted yet. I will try later.



  3. Love it! It’s so cute!

  4. Looking for your post for the “Tag Your It” blog hop, can’t find it. I used the link and your post wasn’t there??

  5. Wow wat een mooie kaart is dit geworden
    ik kon je hop kaart eerst niet vinden en hoop dat dit hem is
    ik wens je alle goed and a happy new year
    liefs,ans xxx

  6. ik denk dat ik wel even terugkom morgen
    want ik weet toch niet zeker of het deze kaart is
    liefs,ans xxx

  7. Cute card. Love the bright colors. Cute card for winter birthdays. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are just the cutest! I love snowmen!!

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